Hi, I'm Aurelien

I do research, | I get ideas, | I make them happen.

What I'm good at

Different jobs, but only one process

I'm 35 now, and here is the one and only process I've used in every job: doing research, getting ideas and making them happen. And then iterating until success.

I currently work at Diavo Lab, a company I created, where I spend most of my time crafting iPhone apps.

When it comes to product design, this process is clearly defined: finding a niche, doing thorough user research, defining relevant and suitable concepts, sketching a way to implement them, testing them and then finetuning them until the app is ready to be distributed.

When I have been doing brand or product management in mass market industries, the process was already the same: analyzing sales and consumers data, getting ideas for a brand or a brand extension, setting goals, and developing the best ways to achieve them. The only difference was probably that the testing was far less easy and quick to implement than in the digital world.

Last but not least, as a self-taught developer, the process seems very similar to me when writing code: starting with a precise definition of what needs to be delivered, searching the best languages and libraries to write the code in, devising the software architecture and then implementing it and testing it as often as possible.

What I recently did

Here are the latest projects I designed and coded.

Currencies On The Move

Kitchen Timer(s)

Name That Band

Diavo Lab website

Where I come from

Marketing executive, product designer, iOS developer... What's the story here?
Want more details? Please check my LinkedIn profile.

My Tech years
2013 - Now


Launched 'Currencies On The Move'

Product design, UX design, UI design.
Wrote the code in Swift for the iPhone and iPad app and its watch extension.
Has been featured on the iTunes store homepage as a best app of the week in Western Europe, China and Japan.
Reached Top 5 travel apps in 17 countries, including UK, China, Japan, France...


Created 'Kitchen Timer(s)'

Product design, UX design, UI design.
Wrote the code in Swift for the iPhone and iPad app and its watch extension.
Is regularly featured on the iTunes store homepage in Western Europe and Japan.
Reached Top 5 food apps in 24 countries, including UK, Japan, Germany, France, India...


First launch of 'Name That Band'

Subcontracted UI design to a friend.
Wrote the code in Objective-C for the iPhone and iPad app.
Has been featured on the iTunes store in the Middle East and Oceania.
Was #1 music game in New Zealand and #2 in Australia for a few weeks when it came out.


Incorporated Diavo Lab

Created the company with a graphic designer friend who helped me make our first app, Name That Band.

My FMCG years

2011 - 2013

International Marketing Manager @ DIM

Identification and analysis of needs from different geographies and channels of trade.
Recommendation of the category strategy and market research.
Product development with the design team and the operations department.

2004 - 2010

Marketing manager @ JUVA SANTE

Successively product manager, group marketing manager then marketing director in this French company selling parapharmaceutical products in grocery stores and supermarkets.
Successfully launched more than 100 products and created several brands.
Net sales of ranges under my responsiblity increased by at least 10% per year throughout my time there.

2003 - 2004

Assistant brand manager @ Sara Lee

Market data and brand performance analysis (panel, studies), recommendations and project management (sales promotion, in-store demonstration, advertising...)

2001 - 2002

Account manager (intern) @ Euro RSCG Compagnie

In charge of mass market brands

My Education
1997 - Now


Machine learning & Data science @ coursera

First, I passed Pr. Andrew Ng's Stanford University Course on Machine Learning.
I got hooked and I'm currently having a Machine Learning specialization with University of Washington courses, and Data Science specialization with John Hopkins University courses.


Algorithmic toolbox @ UC San Diego

I wanted to improve my skills as an efficient programmer and successfully passed this course online through Coursera.

2013 - 2014

iOS programming @ self-taught

I started learning object-oriented programing with a little Java. Then I switched to Objective-C to write iOS apps, and later to Swift when it came out. Never looked back ;)


Master's Degree @ Edhec Business School

Edhec is one of the 20 best European business schools, according to the Financial Times ranking. It is #5 in France.


French 'baccalauréat' in science

Quick tip for non-French people: this degree is the one you pass when completing high school.


Throughout my different fields of experience, I developed a few areas of expertise.

Brand Marketing

Product Design

Code Design

Digital marketing

Data Analysis


Coding Skills

These last few years, I took different opportunities to get my hands dirty with writing code in different languages.










+ / =


What I'm up to

I love what I do. Yet, there is only so much one man can do alone. Now, I would like to join a team to focus on one of the three main areas of expertise below and get some meaningful work done.

1. Product Design

Defining the right business objectives, understanding the users' expectations and translating them into a smart product and an optimal user experience can be quite challenging.

That's exactly what I've done with my last 3 apps which have all been singled out by the iTunes editorial team.

And being a designer who codes can help.

2. Data Science

Whichever business you're in, data is or will be critical to make a difference with your customers. Getting data is the first step, using it efficiently is another.

I successfully used data throughout my career when it was on a spreadheet, and I recently passed courses to use it in a rawer and bigger format as it usually is these days.

3. Code & Development

When it comes to writing code for a truely user-oriented app, it is a real asset to understand perfectly what the product designers want.
When you wish to finetune a machine learning algorithm, it is critical to keep in mind what is relevant for the business and what is time-consuming and not so relevant.
My experience in both worlds is a real added value here for a code written with business in mind.

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